Innovation at Its Best

Technology is all around us, making its way into our daily lives, so why not make that technology look and feel a little brighter? That's what we do at Chester Creek Technologies Inc. As a Duluth, MN. based provider of keyboards for all kinds of kids, we offer a range of computer keyboards and mice for kids of all ages and ability levels. Our innovative products are popular with kids – and with their parents, who trust us to provide them with great solutions.

A Splash of Color
Typing for kids is quite different from typing for adults. It requires larger buttons and in some cases brighter colors to find out where all of the keys are. At Chester Creek Technologies, we make typing for children easier. Whether you need a keyboard for kids, computer for kids, iPad keyboard or iPad case with keyboard attached, we can customize a solution for you.

A Collaborative Partnership
Our team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way. That's why we offer typing tutorials that are color coded so you know where to put everything on a color keyboard once you purchase it. We make all of our products, and we're there to ensure that you know exactly how to use them.

Get Keyboards for Kids
Whether your kids simply like the bright colors of a color keyboard for children or they have special needs and using a color keyboard would help them, we can help. Search through our site to find the products you like, and then call our team toll-free at (888) 214-5450 today to get started!