SpeedSKIN® Typing training aid
Model: SSO
Brand: SppedSKIN

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SpeedSKIN® Typing training aid

Do your students watch their fingers as they type?

Opaque SpeedSKIN® type training cover keyboard covers accelerate keyboard memorization, and train students to keep their eyes on the screen, not on their fingers. No more keyboard peeking with the type training cover!


  • Requires students to concentrate on touch-typing
  • Improves keyboard memorization, speed and accuracy
  • Covers only letter, number and punctuation keys
  • Format and function keys remain visible
  • A type training cover easily lifts on and off in one step
  • Home row indicators give a tactile starting place
  • Bright orange color for easy classroom visibility
  • Works with any keyboarding instructional software or textbook
  • Precision-molded, touch-sensitive polyurethane (no latex)
  • One size fits all PC style and Apple Pro keyboards
  • Durable and washable with mild soap and cold water
  • Embossed dotted cutting line allows ergonomic/natural keyboard fit
  • Comes with clear plastic storage tray
  • Teachers require and students request SpeedSkin covers because it meets and exceeds expectations.





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All of My Students Like It Nov 9, 2012 Anonymous US
  My students must use keyboard covers for their timed typing tests. We have tried keyboard covers before. They covered the complete keyboard and the students... more...

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