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"Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the yellow keyboard.
I wish to take this opportunity to complement you on your expert customer service.
I am retired now but when employed our company motto was "do it right the first time" and "the customer is always right".
My thanks and compliments to you and your colleagues."

"I wanted to send you a note to thank you and everyone there for having done such a nice thing. I shipped the NEW keyboard off to my Dad today. He’s tickled pink (or should I say yellow) and very, very grateful and humbled.

What you did was truly wonderful, hardly expected, and deeply appreciated. I’m sure my Dad will write you personally too (but expect errors).

It’s so rare these days that a corporate organization does something so nice and unexpected for a client who didn’t even purchase the keyboard directly from them.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much. And please, thank everyone associated with this act of kindness for me. You made a truly wonderful 86 year old man, who’s losing his sight, ecstatically happy, and his son, me, very touched.

I’ve been in the computer business for a long time… in fact, I started in 83 with the first IBM pcs… In fact, in those days, when you called early in the morning, you’d occasionally get Bill Gates or Steve Jobs answering the phone cause they were the first in! I’ve seen a LOT of interesting customer support/service. In the 25 years I’ve been doing this, you guys definitely win!

Dad’s an amazing person. He took up computers late in his life, but early in the game with me. As a very renowned corporate interior space planner (IBM, Polly-O, The New York Stock Exchange and others), he used to be able to tell that something was “off” 1/16 of an inch from 50 feet away, and now he can’t read the screen without magnifying glasses etc. There are two kinds of Macular Degeneration: wet & dry. They can arrest the wet kind, but can do nothing about the dry version. He has the dry version and his sight diminishes weekly now.

Thanks again for having compassion. There’s not a lot of that floating around anymore. I’ll send everyone I can to you guys."
-E. M.

"I have very large hands and find it hard to type on a standard-size keyboard. But, ever since I bought my large-key keyboard, I can type better and have grown so accustomed to this keyboard; I would never go back to a standard keyboard.”
-Aaron Potts

"Thank you SO much for having provided such great customer service. The ‘yellow large-key’ keyboard has helped my typing greatly. Your kindness will always be remembered and appreciated. Please give my personal thanks and regards to everyone at Chester Creek that was associated with the incredibly nice deed. -Ekmel Moran

"… I would think that you and your company would be pleased to know that my father is typing on his computer, beyond just short laborious notes, for the first time in a few years… Even with a small amount of vision blindness in his dominant eye, he claims that the VisionBoard 2 is a lifesaver.”
-Robert Rans

"Absolutely perfect. I use my computer primarily for E-mail and tracking investments. The keys on the VisionBoard are very clear, and everything is there that I need. Many Thanks."
– Tom D., Duluth

"This product is exactly as advertised. It is well built, light weight and works very well. They keys are large and easy to see. I bought it to replace the keyboard that came with my new desktop because the keys are too close together. I use VisionBoard 2 with my laptop. It is a fine product."

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