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"Today, by coincidence, I was with my niece when her Tiny Mouse arrived. The package arrived in perfect shape. The Tiny Mouse fits her hand perfectly and she loves it. Thank you very much for the fine product and excellent customer service!"
- Q. Wilson, Cardiff by the Sea, CA

"Thanks for excellent product and great service. Our son was very excited to receive his "special own mouse" even sooner than I had promised it would arrive. He is already finding his computer activities much easier. It is always a pleasure to have an online purchase go so smoothly. Thanks again!"
- Leslie W. of Vancouver, BC

"My kids love their Tiny Mouse. My 5-year-old has been using it for two years and now her little 3-year old sister loves to take her turn. The mouse is great because it has the same features as a full-sized mouse so the kids learn how to use all the computer functions – even the right mouse-click. They even showed Grandma how to use some features!"
– Dave from Michigan

"Good for tiny hands. This is great for small children who can't quite hold the normal adult-sized mouses. Plug-and-play really, so it's ultra-simple to install."
- Susan K

"The younger grandkids have trouble navigating my computer mouse since their hands are so small. I didn't even know if there was a kid size mouse 'til I checked. This is so much easier for them. They are able to move the mouse and click all by themselves. And the mouse is so cute!" 
- Helen T

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