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"I have found this new keyboard, LessonBoard, to be a fabulous tool for touch typing… I usually start correct fingering in third grade but this year the younger children are more curious about the different colors and are really making an effort to keyboard correctly. I would recommend this to all computer lab coordinators for use on the elementary level."
- Technology Coordinator 

Here's what another teacher had to say:

"The Central Bucks School District actively promotes keyboarding in all classrooms.  Pine Run Elementary used Grant Money to purchase the Chester Creek LessonBoards for their primary and special education classrooms in an effort to further improve accessibility and instruction in keyboarding. Students were immediately drawn to these bright, cheery and easy to use keyboards. Teachers, who had the opportunity to work with the LessonBoards, really liked them, and noticed that students were beginning to use a two-handed approach with improved finger/key placement.
In my own classroom, I’ve noticed a difference in the way I teach and the responsiveness of my 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade students.  Instruction is specific and focused through the use of the color-coding and the rate of their typing is increasing.  From now on, I will only use color-coded keyboards for my students as it has made a difference.  Thank you! Thank you!"
- Deb P.


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